• Startup Founder Canvas

    Because teams are more important than ideas or technologies

    Complementary to the Business Model Canvas, Strategyzer , the evaluation method and tool for entrepreneur, the associates and the team !

    Benefits for founders and teams

    - alignment

    - coherency

    - complementary

    - efficiency


    "We do not bet on ideas, we bet on teams!"

    Anonymous VC

  • Who Are We ?

    Creator of the Startup Founder Canvas

    25 years in startups

    Michel Cezon is professionnel certified coach and Artificial Intelligence, Robotic and Vision Engineer. With 35 years of experiences in Industry, SMEs and Research, he created three startups (Singapore, France, and USA spin-off). Founder and manager of Cogiteo, he coachs and trains founders and managers of startups and SMEs technologies. He teachs in incubators, Industry and universities, works as a certified mediator and belongs to a Business Angels network.

    Thank you to our contributors for their valuable inputs

    Agnes Dang, Alex Osterwalder, Anais Mercier, Antoine Sandanassamy, Benoit Combes, Catherine Cayuela, Catherine Roupie, Christian Rey, Claire Chanterelle, Clémentine Delphin, Cyril Couffe, Daniel Pilaud, Didier Bernard, Dolores Adamski, Dominique Vian, Erno Tornikoski, France Revol, Gregory Gabriel, Jean-Marc Santi, Jérôme Barrand, Laura Calmore, Marie Chambon, Michaelle Policard, Néry Aidoud, Nicolas Huguet, Pierre-Yves Hittelet, Quy-Diem Dao, Rachid Alhiane, Roland Pesty, Sabrina Lhomme, Sylvain Brissot, Véronique Mante... Add your name here?

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